Rodeo Management

Rodeo Management


Preparing for the Season

Rodeo Ready works on a season schedule. All you need to do is add each Rodeo to the schedule with details such as dates, performances, events, and purses. Contestants can then register for your Rodeo when the online entry period begins. Rodeo Ready can then handle entries, draws and much more.

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preparing for the season
ultimate software

The Ultimate Rodeo Management Software

The RodeoReady App can produce just about any rodeo draw format possible.  This includes a Standard format with single or multiple performances, Long Go / Short Go,  Long Go / Short Go Plus Average, 2 Go, 2 Go Plus Average, 3 Go, 3 Go Plus Average, 4 Go and 4 Go Plus Average. If you have a rodeo format that includes a different schedule of performances or Gos by different events, we can handle that as well with our incredibly flexible Performance editor.

Rodeo Ready also supports Team Roping and Barrel Racing competitions.

The Power of Automation

Draw Generation Engine

Our industry-leading technology can handle Competitor Draws, Stock Draws, Re-ride Stock Assignment with the click of a button and Manual Draw Adjustments with convenient drag and drop.


Let our algorithms handle the results, ensuring fairness, accuracy and trust. Publish results in real-time for competitors and spectators for maximum competition and engagement. Your competitors and spectators will be glued to the results screens as live updates happen


The Rodeo Ready platform will automatically calculate payouts, points, and generate payout reports so you can focus on the celebration.

Collecting Fees

Pay by Credit Card

RodeoReady collects Fees such as member registration fees and competition registration fees on your behalf and then transfer your fees to your Organization bank account. Your Organization will receive 100% of it’s fees. The payment by the Competitor is completed online via the App using the integrated Stripe payment system within our platform. When these fees are collected, we charge a convenience fee of 5.5% plus $.35 per transaction which is paid by the Competitor. From this convenience fee, RodeoReady pays all the credit card charges (typically about 3%).

Pay Later

The RodeoReady App now offers the ability for a Competitor to select a Pay Later option at the time of Competition Registration. This is an optional offering that the Organization may turn on if desired. The Competitor has the choice to Pay Now by (credit card) or to Pay Later.  The Organization is responsible to collect payment from the Competitor and RodeoReady will charge the organization a 2.5% Pay Later fee on the amount of the fees. It is recommended that Organizations pass this 2.5% Pay Later fee to their Competitors, but it is at the Organization's discretion.

Team Roping

The future releases of the RodeoReady Apps will have support for Team Roping built-in.  For a solution available right now, see our web-based solution, Team Roping System.


The go-to for Rodeo Fans and Competitors

In 2021, the largest Smartphone Manufacturer in North America, Apple, introduced new privacy policies that made it harder for advertisers to connect to target audiences. This of course affects Rodeos. With Rodeo Ready, your Rodeo will be advertised to those who love Rodeos and Competitors who are looking for their next gig. Never worry about spectator numbers or competitors ever again.

go-to for rodeo fans

Powerful Member and Financial Management Services

With Rodeo Ready, you will have the most powerful member management tools available. Rodeo Ready can assist with fee/fine collection and offers payment tracking to ensure everybody's on the same page. With credit cards and online payment options rapidly becoming the norm, these perks offer security, flexibility and ease for your organization. Tired of all those 'Is the Draw up yet?' phone calls? With our Notification System, you can send mass in-App notifications to Rodeo competitors giving them all the information they need.

powerful services
powerful algorithms

Powerful and Advanced Algorithms

We know how confusing technology can be. With Rodeo Ready, we offer the benefits of advanced and complicated Algorithms created by in-house Computer Scientists without passing on the headache of technology. The Draw Engine accounts for group priorities, performance preferences, as well as competitor and stock limits. Normally this would take hours to coordinate with humans, but with Rodeo Ready, it all happens in the blink of an eye.


💩 Happens

At the end of the day if something goes wrong, you can still perform manual adjustments in the system does with your Admin account. No need for phone calls and tech support.

poop happens

The Power of Automation


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