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Let's just start off by saying Skijoring is a spectacular spectator sport.  If you have not been to a Skijoring competition, then you are missing a winter event that is both a sight you must see and an environment you must experience! Rodeo on Snow or Skiing with Horses.  Call it what you want, Skijoring is just Flat out Fun!.

With any crossover sport, there are combinations and challenges to the organizers. How to score, how to track, how to work the draws and how to communicate with competitors and spectators.  Thankfully RodeoReady has overcome many of these challenges with built-in features.

Skijoring events have different numbers of team members and different draw formats requiring a flexible solution, and for scoring measures as well.

We have built the most feature-rich rodeo software solution on the market with these types of challenges in mind. Built-In options allow you to manage all the above requirements with a combination of system-wide settings and event-specific settings to configure and customize the RodeoReady App to your  rodeo organization needs.

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Features You will Love

flexible event setup

Skijoring events, rider and slider, or rider and 2 sliders, are simple configurations.  Name your events anything you want and call your team members anything you want. Scoring can be timed, or scored (such as long jump), or both if you have a combination event. 

powerful draw configuration

Skijoring event draws can be set in rounds, heats, gos, to include multiple competitors per heat for side-by-racing or all individual runs.  There is no limit to the number of draw positions or the number of rounds. Set your performance / schedule times to help your spectators arrive at the right venue at the right time.

Online registration & Entry

Save the labour, save the time, save the typing, and allow your members to register online. The user will register/join your organization and enter your competitions, choosing their events. For Skijoring competitions with multiple performances, competitors can select their performance preferences and share with their buddy group to ensure all are grouped together when the draw is generated.  For team events, competitors share their team code with teammates at entry and teams are set.  

Online Payment

One of the key features of the App is the ability to take online payment at time of rodeo entry/registration.  We are adding to this the option to allow a member to specify a cash payment option.

Taking payment online means not touching or processing the $'s making entries and payments extremely efficient for the Organization. With our built-in payment platform, you will receive 100% of your fees. Funds will be automatically be transferred to your bank account.

in-app notifications for competitors

Your schedule is hectic, so is the schedule for competitors. Multiple events, team competitions, changing out horses, and non-event activities. It's good to be on top of the action and RodeoReady helps your competitors stay informed and stay on time.

In-app notifications will alert competitors when their run time in a event is approaching, up-next, on-deck, in-the-hole to make sure they in the saddle and focused on their event. After their event run, the app will notify them of their time/score.  Notifications are stored in the app so no worry if you miss one, just a couple taps and you see the note.   

unparalleled features for spectators

Follow the competition from the grandstand, the balconies or from your living room chair. Spectators can download the free app and follow the rodeo action as it happens with live scoring updates in each event and event results when finalized.

No need to wait until the day after, follow the action score-by-score. At the end of the competition, standings are updated for all to view.


RodeoReady for Skijoring

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