What are RodeoReady Solutions?

RodeoReady Solutions are sets of typical options and settings that are used by an organization type, such as a typical barrel racing organizations or a typical junior rodeo organization. Think of it as a virtual set of standard settings that an organization type would use. In some solutions, we have specifically added features that are needed for an organization type while in other solutions we have detailed how to use our standard set of features to work how a typical organization in this type would operate.

The RodeoReady App was built from the ground up to be highly flexible by incorporating a wide array of settings and options, which allows you, the producer, to set up your organization, your events, and your competition to meet your needs.  Our categories of Settings include:


Some of the options/settings that may be included in a Solution include:

  • fees
  • member types
  • divisions
  • individual events
  • team events
  • multi-go draws
  • multi-performance draws
  • progressive rounds
  • short rounds
  • points schedules
  • payout formulas
  • and many more features

One important thing we have learned from 10+ years providing software solutions to the rodeo industry, it is that no two rodeo organizations are alike. Rule books, payouts, points, competition draws, finals rodeos, standings criteria, and age groups are just a few ways that each organization is unique. Our settings and options make it possible to configure your organization to how you do business.

The RodeoReady Solutions

In this Solutions section, we have put together some information specific to many types of rodeo and western competition organizations to help highlight how RodeoReady can be set up to support you and help manage your competitions. Select the solution that most closely matches your organization to take advantage of our industry leading technology, features, and design.

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