Rodeo Ready Support

Welcome to the RodeoReady Support page. From here you have access to a number of support articles on using our software as well as a Support Ticket to request support from RodeoReady. If you require support, please complete and submit our Support Ticket  to initiate the Support Process. Please do not email, text or phone individual team members of RodeoReady as we can not guarantee the availability of any individual. 

Please Note: we do not offer phone support for our free software.

The support articles cover a wide variety of topics from very specific user tips and feature how-to articles to more general articles which explain some of the advantages of using RodeoReady software for your rodeo organization. Note that these support articles are in addition to the already existing User Guides, instructional videos, and on page help documentation within the software programs themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions - by Rodeo Admins

Q: Is the RodeoReady App free?

A: Yes.  There is no cost to a rodeo association / producer to use our software.

Q: Does my organization need to use your online payment platform?

A: Yes. Our integrated payment platform (Stripe) is a requirement. All membership registration payments and competition registrations (entries) payments are processed online and automatically updated in the database and marked paid. The Organization Admin does not have to handle these transactions.

Q: Can I use my computer to do the rodeo administration?

A: No. The admin functions are all built into the iOS App for either an iPhone or an iPad.  We have been told that most Organization Admins prefer to use their iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions - by Rodeo Competitors

Q: Is the RodeoReady App free?

A: Yes.  The iOS App is free to download for at:

Q: Is there an App for Android?

A: The RodeoReady for Android App is expected within the next 30 days. In the interim, we have built a web page for android users at

Q: How do I register as a member for an Organization?
Q: How do I register for a rodeo Competition with an Organization?

Support Article Categories

We have categorized our support articles in a number of ways including by software program. Use the links below to see articles for each:

Support Videos

We now have support videos in place for all our current software. Click the links below to watch on YouTube.

Support Process

In order to most effectively provide our support to our rodeo software users, we have set up a support process. When we receive a support request, via a Support Ticket the request is broadcast to all members of the support team. We do a quick assessment based on available resources and the type of request then assign the RodeoReady team member best suited to provide the support. As needed, they will draw upon other team members to follow the resolution of the support request to completion. As needed, we will request additional information from you, including screenshots and specific examples, to help troubleshoot or respond.

Submit a Support Ticket

Note: We do not provide phone support.

Support Priorities

We review each support request and then place it in a priority sequence based on a number of factors including:

  • software bug or glitch causing an error
  • customer on-boarding and training
  • feature request
  • user training
  • use of our integrated payment platform

In some cases, our best support is simply to refer users to existing user guides, demonstration videos, and on-screen help documentation. 99% of the features, settings, and options are available to RodeoReady software admin users and we are striving towards empowering our users to be able to manage their software, their accounts, their rodeos without the need to wait for our support.

Response Times

We are committed to supporting our software and our users. Based on the above criteria, we have established the following Priority Levels:

  • Level 1: 24 hour response times
  • Level 2: 2 standard working days
  • Level 3: 3 standard working days

Note to be included in the support priority sequence please complete and submit our Support Form to initiate the Support Process. Please do not email, text or phone individual team members of RodeoReady as we can not guarantee the immediate availability of any individual.