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Goat Tying Competitions often include multiple age groups/divisions, mostly volunteer admins, and secretaries, and event rules that vary by age group.

Below we have listed a number of features of the RodeoReady App that will help with Goat Tying Competitions, from organizing, planning, and entries, to draws and results. We have built the most feature-rich rodeo software solution on the market with many of these requirements in mind.

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Features You will Love

Unlimited events how you need them

Events can be named as you need them.  There are many option settings that can be used to control how points and/or $'s are paid out.  Click a switch to allow the addition of penalties to the scoring and turn on another switch to indicate that stock assignments are required for competitions.

Goat Tying Competitions are often held with several other events which can all be configured as you need them, timed, scored,  individual events, team events.  

Online registration

Save the labour, save the time, save the typing and provide the ability to your members to register online. The App allows the user to register/join your organization and enter your goat tying competitions, choosing their events. Parents can manage their children from their phone as well as stay on top with notifications on rodeo day.

Online Payment

Taking payment online means not touching or processing the $'s making entries and payments extremely efficient for the Organization. With our built-in payment platform, you will receive 100% of your fees. Funds will be automatically transferred to your bank account.

handling the volume

There is no limit to the number of members, number or events, or number of competitions. Often the work is simply keeping all the data straight. With the RodeoReady App, all data is stored on our cloud-based servers and once entered never needs to be re-entered. We have handled rodeo competitions with nearly 1000 event entries without any processing issues and the system is designed to handle more than 10 times that volume.

doing it for you

The rodeo is a hectic, busy day. Events, times, and scores all pouring in. With RodeoReady, tap a button to finalize the results and calculate the $'s won and points to be awarded, instantly.  RodeoReady will award $ and points according to your payout / points splits including different splits for different events, as necessary.

No need to pull out the spreadsheet and re-type all the members, $'s and points.  RodeoReady does it for you, automatically. Tap the Standings report to see updated standings by event.

saving you time

From the beginning, allowing you to duplicate rodeo competitions, taking online entries (the competitors do the data entry), online payments (no more chasing money) to automatically updating standings, the RodeoReady App removes the burden of manual data entry and add automatic calculations to save you the time, the effort and the math work. Focus on what is important, not on manually handling the routine and mundane data processing.


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