Photo and Video Contest

Win an iPad for your Organization

Use the form below to enter your photos or videos to the RodeoReady Photo and Video Contest. Note: this contest is open to Rodeo Organizations only. Prizes will be awarded to the Organization. 

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      Terms and Conditions: Our Photo and Video Contest is open to all organizations using RodeoReady software.  RodeoReady Ltd. will award iPad prizes to the best photo and best video submission to the contest.  The photos must be of a live rodeo event or an award presentation with the RodeoReady banner clearly visible. The video must be of a live rodeo event with the RodeoReady banner clearly visible at some point in the video. The best photo and video will be chosen by employees of RodeoReady Ltd. Multiple photo entries and multiple video entries from the same rodeo organization are allowed and increase your chances of winning. 


      The contest is open for submissions from October 1, 2023 to Oct 31, 2023 at 11:59 PM.


      RodeoReady Ltd. will own the publication rights to the photos and videos content submitted as part of the contest.  Photos or videos published on the website will include a photo or video caption to the organization that supplied the content along with a link to the organization website.

      RodeoReady software includes the RodeoReady App (TM), Rodeo Management System(TM), Barrel Racing System(TM), and Team Roping System(TM).


      - One iPad will be awarded for the photo judged to be the best of the submitted photo contest entries.
      - One iPad will be awarded for the video judged to be the best of the submitted video contest entries.
      - RodeoReady Ltd. will supply a new iPad with WiFi capabilities and provide to the Rodeo Organization, including shipping and taxes.

      Don't have a RodeoReady banner?
      Any organization using RodeoReady software that does not have a banner can request one by sending an email to

      Submitted Entries

      From Junior Southern Rodeo Association: The banner is visible at 30 sec and 45 sec.

      Submitted by Elgin Stampede Playdays