merge with rodeo ready


Rodeo Ready Ltd and Rodeo Management System (RMS)are excited to announce the amalgamation of the two companies. The companies merged on March 1, 2022. This merger will bring together two companies with different skills to combine the best of two worlds. Rodeo Management System is a leading provider of event management solutions for western sporting events and Rodeo Ready Ltd is a newly formed company built by tech entrepreneurs and software developers with extensive experience.

The new entity is called Rodeo Ready Ltd. and is head quartered in Calgary, Alberta. The company is focused on developing a centralized application to help three key technological advancements and components.

1. Manage Rodeos and Individual Competitions (Rodeos, Barrel Racing, Ropings and other timed events and Jackpots)

2. Manage Individual Performance/Participation and Stock Performance (Participants and Spectators)

3. Manage Community Participation and Communication (Sponsors, Leagues, Market places and many more features)

Galen Sonntag, founder and CEO of RMS commented "I am very excited for Rodeo Management System to join with Rodeo Ready Ltd. the two companies will take the existing product far beyond the current capabilities. The development team at Rodeo Ready is well equipped to deliver a product that will advance the Rodeo sport. The real winners in the this will be the rodeo community, rodeo associations and producers and ultimately rodeo competitors”.

Arnon Levy, CEO of Rodeo Ready Ltd. added “Galen and his team have built a phenomenal platform and a great company. Their knowledge of the rodeo market and event management is unmatched. We are looking forward to combining our experience in software development with their vast knowledge. The rodeo world will benefit from a feature rich solution and technological advancements”.

As part of the new marketing strategy, the RMS software solution is now offered free of charge to rodeo planners, managers and associations.

Ross Millar of the Ross Millar Group also added “As a long time RMS customer, I am excited to see what the future holds in place for the new company. Our industry is a traditional sport and combining it with many of todays technological advancements will help us grow and increase our exposure to new spectators and competitors”.

Rodeo Ready Ltd. is a Calgary, Alberta based company specializing in technology for the Rodeo Industry. It automates, digitizes and streamlines rodeo event experiences for associations, competitors, producers and fans. We make it easy – from registration to results, online forums to instant replays and statistics to shopping. Rodeo Ready is launching one of America’s oldest traditions into the modern era of major sports.

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