Adding Events to Existing Performances

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On occasion, you may need to add an event to an existing performance or performances. The process is very similar to creating the original performance except in this situation you will only be selecting the single event instead of multiple events. 

Select your competition then select the Events Tab then add the event (we will be adding Steer Wrestling - Senior) using the + Add Event(s) button, select the event and tap Save


Tap on the Performance tab in the competition editor. Tap on EDIT beside the performance you wish to add this event to.


Tap on SELECT. Scroll down until you see your Event. Tap on ADD GROUP beside the event you wish to add.


Default values are good for single go rodeos. Tap on ADD.

OPTIONAL : change values as desired for multi go events or assign max competitors for an event in the performance. To add this event to a 2 Go rodeo you would tap + Add Group again and set the Go to 2.

Tap OK. Tap SAVE.



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