Setting Ground Money. Ground Money is defined as any money that was intended to be paid out in a round that is not initially paid out based on the Payout Configuration.  For example, in the Bull Riding event, the prize purse triggers the rule to payout to 3 places at 50%, 30%, 20%, but only two riders rode their bull for the required 8 seconds. There are only 2 Competitors receiving a score meaning there is 20% of the Prize Money that has not been paid out.  The Ground Money Payout Configuration would then specify the rules by which this remaining 20% of the Prize Money is distributed.  Note: for some Organizations, their rules state that Ground Money is not paid out, and it would be retained by the Organization.  For those that do payout Ground Money, here is how to set the rules.

One key concept to remember about Ground Money is that it is paid out if there is any Prize Money remaining. Therefore, it must only occur after the first set of payout rules. It is second in the priority list to the Standard or Teams Payout Configurations (as described in the previous Chapter).

For this example, we are going to set up a simple rule set so that any Ground Money will be split evenly among the Competitors who did place in the event.  As our Standard Payout Configuration rules will pay up to 4 places, we need to set Ground Money places that handle situations of up to the maximum number of places, less 1 place (that's 3 if you don't want to do the math).  In another example, a Bull Riding Event triggers the 4 places payouts of 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%, but only 3 Competitors place, leaving 10% of the prize money to be split between the 3 Competitors who placed in the Event.  We will need to set up the prizes and rules to payout Ground Money for 1 place, 2 places, or 3 places.

Begin by tapping Setup then Payouts then choose the Payout Configuration where you will add the Ground Money settings.  In this example, we are tapping to choose the Standard Payout Configuration.

We first need to add new Prizes.  Ensure the Prizes tab is selected and tap + Add.  To easily identify these prize settings we are going to add “GM” to the beginning of the Prize Name. We will create prizes for “GM 1 Place 100%”, “GM 2 Places 50/50%”, and “GM 3 Places 33/33/33%”.  Note that we use 33.33/33.33/33.33 to come within pennies of 100%.  We now have prizes which are used with the first priority prize payouts and will be used for any Ground Money payouts.

Tap the Rules tab then tap Create to beginning Creating a new Rule Set, and name it Ground Money. Next set the Priority to 2 by tapping the + sign. Next Tap the button labeled Entries and change this to Placed as we will be setting our Rules and assigning prizes based on number of Competitors who placed in this event, not the Net Purse. Set the rules per each placement of 1, 2, and 3 with the Prizes set as GM 1 Place 100, GM 2 Places 50/50 and GM 3 Places 33/33/33.  Tap Save and you will have a view of how Ground Money is Priority 2, following the Priority 1 settings in the Standard Payout Configuration.  It is important to note that when 100% of the prize money is paid out in the Priority 1 settings, the Priority 2 settings of Ground Money will not be triggered. Tap Save one more time to save the Standard Payout Configurations, now including Ground Money.

You now have a Ground Money Payout Configuration set. The Standard Payout Configuration will be applied, based on the Net Purse value, as the first priority and Ground Money Payout Configuration will only be applied (second priority), based on the number of places, if there is unpaid money remaining.