In App Notifications

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A number of events occurring in the RodeoReady App will produce an in-app notification which will be viewable directly on your device.  These notifications will appear on your phone as per all other in-app notifications and will also be accessible after the notification in case you need to refer to them later.

Examples and screen shots of the types of notifications are described below.

Team Join

When a team member joins your team, such as a heeler or header joining your team roping team. As shown below, Jim Deere has joined as a heeler.


Draw Published

When the Organization Admin publishes the draw to make it public and available to all competitors.


Up next, on deck, in the hole

During the Competition, as your spot in the run order approaches, you will receive a series of notifications to advise you that you are "in the hole", "on deck", or "up next".


Notifications will also show up on your lock screen.


Score/Time Entry


During a live event, as your score / time is entered by the Organization Admin, you will receive a notification with the entry.


List of Notifications

If you have notifications which have not been read, there will be a bell icon with a red circle and number in the top right of your screen.


Tap on the red circle to bring up the list of all messages. Any unread messages will be denoted with a blue circle icon on the left of the message.


Mark as Read

Tap the buttons at the top to mark all messages as Read or Unread.  Tapping on an individual message will also mark that notification as read.

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