Another Growth Milestone Achieved, 350 Associations!

June 12, 2023–The Matsumoto Ranch of Hawaii (a Goat Roping Association) became the 350th association to sign up and use the Rodeo Ready Solution. Rodeo Ready’s software, customizable to any Traditional Western Competition, is attracting all types of events and competitors.“

We are very grateful for the support and interest we have seen from the Rodeo community and the general Western Traditional Sports. Our users have been migrating to our App based system and so far the reviews have been very positive” Explained Galen Sonntag, COO at Rodeo Ready Ltd.“

We are constantly adding new features to our App to make it more customizable and easy to use. Migration from our online system is simple and we offer help to any association that needs it. The new app provides quick and easy set up and even faster connections and registrations to the competitors.” Peter Warrick, CTO of Rodeo Ready Ltd.

“I am Proud that the RAM Rodeo Tour (Central Rodeo League) in eastern Canada is using the New “RodeoReady App”. Competitors have gravitated to it quickly and easily. For producers the ability to communicate instantly to all competitors entered is tremendous. The ease of following live updates of Competition as it happens has the competitors with the App on while they travel to other rodeos or on their way home. The ease of pay outs through Rodeo Ready Stripe system allows fast, seamless transactions minimizing paper and hours of time. There are advantages to Competitors, Committees, and Fans.” Declared Ross Millar, President RAM Rodeos.Rodeo

Ready Ltd. is a Turner Valley, Alberta based company specializing in technology for the Rodeo Industry. It automates, digitizes and streamlines rodeo event experiences for associations, competitors, producers and fans. We make it easy –from registration to results, online forums to instant replays and statistics to shopping. Rodeo Ready is launching one of America’s oldest traditions into the modern era of major sports. For further information please contact Galen Sonntag at Or