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April 6, 2023 – We are proud to announce that we have reached another major milestone in our growth. As of today, Rodeo Ready reached its 300th association using our technology. These include our online system as well as our newly developed App.

“While we continue to see impressive growth in our solution, we are now seeing a migration of associations that are moving from our online web based solution to our newly released IOS app.” Explained Arnon Levy, CEO at Rodeo Ready Ltd.

“The migration to our App based solution has only began and we have already received positive feedback on the App. We believe that as new seasons begin for many associations, they will adopt the more flexible and easy to use App system” Galen Sonntag, COO of Rodeo Ready Ltd.

“Our App is incredibly flexible and allows organizers and producers to completely customize any event, competition and membership. The Rodeo Ready App will allow organizers to easily organize Rodeos (and any rodeo competitions) , Jackpots, Cutting Events, Bull Riding, Team Roping and any other Western Competitions. The solution is flexible to handle any point based system, any conceived prize and winner scoring system and any payment system that is needed. With many years of feedback on our Rodeo Management System, we have built an App that is flexible for all needs and can handle any competition or event.” Declared Peter Warrick, CTO Rodeo Ready Ltd.

Rodeo Ready Ltd. is a Turner Valley, Alberta based company specializing in technology for the Rodeo Industry. It automates, digitizes and streamlines rodeo event experiences for associations, competitors, producers and fans. We make it easy – from registration to results, online forums to instant replays and statistics to shopping. Rodeo Ready is launching one of America’s oldest traditions into the modern era of major sports. For further information please contact Galen Sonntag at gsonntag@rodeoready.com Or alevy@rodeoready.com.