Stock includes animals that will be assigned (drawn) to Competitors in a Competition. In this chapter, we will discuss how to add stock. In another chapter we will discuss how the Stock Draw works.

Stock entered into the Stock database is available for use in all future Competitions.  Each animal is owned by a Stock Contractor. To create a new Stock Contractor, click the + icon and add their details, then save.  After saving, choose the stock contractor by clicking on their name. Click the + icon then click the Create New (Add Stock) button to begin adding stock. Give the stock a name.  Animals may have their own unique name, such as most Bulls and Saddlebronc horses will have a name, while many calves or steers may only have an ear tag number. Select the event where this animal is to be used. The only required information is the Stock Name field and the Event.  Brand and ID Number can be used as needed, or as information is available. Tap Save to save the stock animal.

If an animal is to be used in multiple events, it will need to be added as an animal to both events.