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When you create a new Competition, you will start in Details by entering the Name of the Competition (the name of your Rodeo).



Next, tap the Set Dates button to set the Start and End dates and times of the Competition. Then set the Registration Start and End Dates and times. These are the dates /times between which your Competitors are allowed to register in the Competition Events.

To Set Location, tap on the map and either, enter a Search Address or Place at the top of the screen, or position the map at the location and tap the screen to set the pin at the location, then Save. You have now set the Details for the Competition.

If you wish to allow other Admins to work with this rodeo, other than your Organization's Admin OWNER, tap the
Administrators + button and select from your available list.

If you wish to send an announcement. Tap the Announcements button and type your message, tap Send and your message will be sent to all Competitors registered in this Competition.