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The RodeoReady App (RR) is available on iOS for iPhones and iPads as well as support for Android users (see interim Android user management) as well as a web-based interface for admins.  RodeoReady is an extremely powerful App that provides full management tools for rodeo Organizations to manage their rodeo season including setting up your rodeo schedule, taking rodeo entries and payments, managing draws, entering times and scores, calculating results and payouts, and displaying rodeo and season standings. This is all done within the convenience of our App and all data is stored securely in the cloud so you never have to worry about losing data or device malfunctions. 

For the Competitor, their phone is their access to all your Organization's competitions, entries, draws, results and standings as well as their personal results and personal profile.

For the Spectator, rodeo watching just became interactive, more informative, and more enjoyable.  The rodeo program is in the palm of your hand and updates are live as the action happens.

The RodeoReady App has an incredibly powerful set of options and configurations possible.  In this User Guide we will first cover the basics and help you through the components most organizations require.  At the end of this User Guide, we also cover a number of advanced configurations in the Advanced Topics section.

RodeoReady App is not RMS

For Organizations that are currently using the web-based Rodeo Management System (RMS), it is important to know that the RodeoReady App does not work with RMS. The two software systems are separate. The RodeoReady App is the replacement for RMS.

Communication to Your Members

We recommend that you place the following statements on your website in a highly visible location to communicate with your members.

We are excited to now be using the RodeoReady App to manage our Rodeo Schedule, Rodeo Competitions, Memberships, Results and Standings. Prior season information will continue to be available on the web-based RMS (provided by RodeoReady) system. All new rodeos will be managed on the RodeoReady App.

For Apple phone users:

To access the [organization name] on the App, first you need to install the free RodeoReady for iOS App from the App Store.

Once you have installed the App, The Competitor User Guide can be seen here.

For Android phone users:

The RodeoReady for Android support for Rodeo Schedules, Draws, Results and Standings on web page found at:  When the Android App is available, your account will be transferred to your app.

Installing the App

To begin, you will need to install the free RodeoReady App on your iPhone or iPad.  Go to the Apple Store and search for “RodeoReady”.  Either tap on the App Store icon on your device or use this link: . When you first load the App, you will use your Apple ID to sign into the App by tapping the Sign in with Apple button. We recommend that you allow RodeoReady to use your location by tapping Allow While Using App and Allow RodeoReady to send you notifications.

A Few Key Terms

Throughout this User Guide and in the App we have used a consistent set of terminology to identify key components.

Organization – this is your rodeo association, barrel racing production company, or team roping producer.

Admin – this is you, the person, or persons, within your organization that manages the Organization side of the App, configurations, settings, etc.

Competition – this is the rodeo, barrel racing show, or team roping.

Competitor – this is the rodeo athlete participating in the Competition.

Spectator – a non competitor who is following rodeo Competitions, either in-person in the rodeo stands or remotely using the App.

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