Rodeo Ready Welcomes 2024 and its 450th Association!

January 10, 2024 – Barrileras De Puerto Rico is the 450th association to use the Rodeo Ready System.

“While we experienced tremendous growth in 2023, we are incredibly excited at the prospects of 2024. We continue to grow at an incredible speed. Our solution is being adopted by various western competition associations” Declared Arnon Levy, CEO of Rodeo Ready.

With over 60,000 competitors using the advanced system, many associations are turning to the Rodeo Ready System as their preferred tool to organize, produce and manage their competitions and events.

“We are now seeing the adoption of the Rodeo Ready solution in more diverse western competitions. These include:

- Cutting
- Skijoring
- Gymkhana
- Ranch Rodeo
- Working Cow Horse

and many others” Said Galen Sonntag, COO of Rodeo Ready.

“We are constantly adding new features to the system. We are making sure that the solution is completely customizable to the association, the user and the competition” Peter Warrick, CTO of Rodeo Ready.


Rodeo Ready Ltd. is a Turner Valley, Alberta based company specializing in technology for the Rodeo Industry. It automates, digitizes and streamlines rodeo event experiences for associations, competitors, producers and fans. We make it easy – from registration to results, online forums to instant replays and statistics to shopping. Rodeo Ready is launching one of America’s oldest traditions into the modern era of major sports. For further information please contact Galen Sonntag at Or