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As an Admin for your Organization, you will occasionally have the need to create a member that is not an App user. This happens most often when a member is a person who does not have access to an iPhone or an Android phone and therefore can not use the RodeoReady App to register for rodeo Organizations or to register for rodeo Competitions. This topic is covered here. These are denoted in the member list as Admin-Added members. Likely at some point you will have an Admin-Added member who then does acquire an iPhone or Android phone and then has the App.  This then means that you will need to pass control of the account to them by merging their data in the database with the profile they create in their App.  This is done by passing them a Merge Code.

Before we show you how to pass the Merge code to the competitor, we want to provide a very strong caution. Once this merge has been done, it can not be UNDONE. Therefore it is important that the member does the merge properly, merging to the correct person in their profile (as members can manage multiple people within their app profile). We have provided documentation in the Competitor User Guide as well on this feature to help make it clear how to Merge as well as the pre-cautions of making sure they are merging to the right person.

This process would normally begin by a member informing you that they now have a phone and have downloaded the App to their phone.  They will then need to become a member of your organization.  To pass account control, access the member list in your Organization, you have to generate a Transfer Code and provide that code to the member.  See the screenshots below.

Tap the Generate Code button for Transfer Ownership.


Tap Transfer


Type the word "Transfer" to confirm you wish to transfer the ownership of this account then tap the Transfer button.


The code will now be copied to your device clipboard and you can send to the member via email/text etc.  Note, we strongly recommend that you remind the member to read the instructions for this action in Merging Members from an Admin-Added Member.



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